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Annie Taylor

House Meeting Log: September 9, 1979

It's said that nothing stops the studying in Ravenclaw House, but the members would dispute that fact. Granted, even waiting for a house meeting to begin, there are likely more than a liberal share of open books around the commons, but they'll be closed soon enough for the brief start of year chat. The fire crackles merrily in the fireplace, tea and coffee are ready on the sideboard, and there are plates of cookies and treats within easy reach of every seat. Never let it be said that the Ravenclaw Prefects don't know how to make their housemates happy. Annie is off to one side of the room, giving a parchment a quick once-over before the meeting begins, offering greetings to anyone who passes near to her and generally looking at ease about the task that lies ahead. Surely that means it'll be short and sweet.

One way they know how to make them happy is to not let Dillion do the cooking. Dillion has positioned himself casually against the side of the fireplace, munching a biscuit and waiting for the meeting to start. He's also doing the greeting thing. Of course, the boy is also making a mental headcount of who showed up and who isn't here. Tsk tsk to the slackers who don't make it here on time.

Tyler is in the common room, standing nervously next to a chair by the fire, not quite comfortable enough at these meetings to sit down. Every few seconds his eyes flicker from Annie to Dillion and then back to the floor as he waits silently, one hand gripping the top of the chair tightly.

Buzz can't take any more. On the floor, tucked partly behind a chair put still within the warm and caressing reach of the fire's warmth, he has been watching the treats placed about the room with wide, hungry eyes. All the while, he is pretending to read a book about giant squid, but except for those rare occasions when the waving tentacles in one of the pictures capture his attention, he has barely laid eyes on the tome. Suddenly, with the certainty of one who knows what he wants and is bent on taking it, he lurches to his feet and snags the closest cookie, shoving the thing in his mouth entirely and closing his eyes in genuine happiness.

Cameron on the other hand, was /actually/ reading the book, and was the reason the pages kept turning. "Buzz, bring some back!" she calls, rather oblivious to the general volume of the room.

Karen's head is entirely focused on her notes. The girl does this bookworm syndrome once a month in order to cram knowledge into her head after socializing the majority of the time. She wanders into the room and bumps into the back of the couch. "Ooops," she calls, snaps the book closed, and gives Annie her undivided attention.

Annie takes up a cup of tea from the table next to her and has a sip as her eyes lower to the bottom of the page, before she sets the cup down, rolls the parchment briskly, and walks over to join Dillion at the fireplace. She flashes him a bright smile before turning to face their housemates. "Alright, good to see just about everyone here. I know that some people are in the library, I left them with some books a little while ago, and I'm sure we'll get stragglers coming in. So let's just get started." This preamble should have been plenty of time for everyone to settle in with their treats. "Hopefully you all know who we are by now. I'm Annie Taylor, this is Dillion Drillock. Morganna Lestrade and Grania Reardon are your other two prefects, who I'm sure you've seen around as well." She pauses here to look to Dillion, letting him have the floor.

Buzz glances back at the book and the Irish girl who remains with it, as if shrewdly judging whether or not it is wise to feed the page turner. After an agonizing moment in which he thoughtfully chews his own sugary treat, he grabs another handful from the tabletop, padding over to his fellow first-year and depositing the now rather cracked and crumbled treats on top of the page she's reading. "Read any..." Whatever he was going to say, he quickly trails off and turns his attention to the Head girl and the Prefect at the fireplace.

Dillion is really not one for long-winded public speeches. He offers a casual wave at the introduction. "So, I know everyone is busy settling in for the new year, so we just want to briefly go over things for the new year. First off, as a blatant plug for quidditch, tryouts are soon for all interested second years and up, feel free to come hunt down Morganna or myself about that," the boy says. "This year, we're also proud to have Annie as not only Prefect but Head Girl as well," he adds. "Now, just like anywhere else, we've got rules. Curfew is expected to be obeyed, and the usual rules, like no fighting and respecting your fellow schoolmates are all things I expect most everybody can understand. Basically, don't do something stupid and we won't have to punish you or take points. Traditionally, Ravenclaw has been good about that in recent years, so I'm hoping to see that trend continue". He glances over to Annie. Her turn to add to that.

Tyler turns to face Annie and Dillion more directly when the former begins to speak. He isn't having any of the treats, and keeps his eyes on his hands, both of them now on the chair in front of him. Perking up for a few seconds when Dillion mentions Quidditch, he shifts his feet nervously before looking away again, biting his lip as the prefect continues.

Karen recognizes the faces and names that the Head Girl and Perfect-Prefect Dillion mentions. By her Fifth Year, all of this has become routine. To be polite, she refrains from opening her book again and smiles encouragingly.

Cameron takes the treat off the book and balances it on her knee. "Buuhhhhzz," she hisses, "you got crumbs in the spine!" She hold the book up to her face and blows them out into his face.

Annie looks around as Dillion talks, taking in all the happy Ravvie faces and nodding where it seems appropriate, before taking up the talk as if on cue. "As a lot of you have already started exploring the bookshelves, I don't think I need to tell you what a resource we have here. And if you need any help finding your way around the library, just let me know. I'm going on my..." She has to pause a second to think, her eyes rolling up quickly before she finishes, "My fourth year as a library aide. We can also help you get into study groups, if you need some extra help in any subjects. Please feel free to come to any of us for any help you need. If you have questions, problems, or just want to hang out and talk for a while, we're here for you."

"Respect me," Buzz hisses, nodding Dillion's way, though he's talking to Cameron, whose recent crumb-blowing adventure has left him pulling sugary bits of cookie from his peepers. "It's one of the -rules-." He keeps his voice as low as possible. After a moment, he seems to have the tidbit pried from his eyes and he offers Annie a smile as if he's been paying the utmost attention all along, redeye and all.

"Respect me," Buzz hisses, nodding Dillion's way, though he's talking to Cameron, whose recent crumb-blowing adventure has left him pulling sugary bits of cookie from his peepers. "It's one of the -rules-." He keeps his voice as low as possible. After a moment, he seems to have the tidbit pried from his eyes and he offers Annie a smile as if he's been paying the utmost attention all along, redeye and all.

"Right. Annie is heading up History of Magic and Muggle Studies study groups, while I'll be handling Vocational Studies and Herbology," Dillion offers. "Also, for those still finding their way around the castle, feel free to grab one of us and we can show you around," Dillion states.

Annie's eyes happen to light upon Buzz and Cameron as she gives over the talking to Dillion again, and her head tilts slightly, the pleasant smile never fading from her lips. Her gaze moves on as she takes up again. "We also want to make sure that everyone knows where the infirmary is. We're lucky, it's just out the commons and down the hall, and it's hard to miss, but if you aren't sure, ask one of us. If anything is wrong, or you know someone who is sick or gets hurt, that's the place to go. Don't try and treat yourselves or anyone else, it could do more harm than good." Her face has gone rather serious at this, because injuries aren't anything to be trifled with. Just ask any quidditch player. But, after just a few seconds, her brows lift lightly once more. "Anyone have any questions about anything?"

Tyler listens carefully, even if he doesn't seem to be paying attention. Most of this information he knows, but he still feels a bit uncomfortable at hearing some of it, especially the part about injuries. When Annie finishes, it looks for a second as if he's thinking about asking a question, but he quickly shakes his head, mostly to himself and remains silent.

Buzz chews on his lip for a moment, contemplating whether or not he has burning questions. After a moment, he decides that he does and he sits up a bit straighter, hand lifting into the air. "I have a question," he announces to the room in general. "If I wanted to go to the kitchens and get something, could I do that? Or do I only get food when its in the big hall place?"

A smile goes to Buzz, as Annie looks to him. "We aren't really supposed to go to the kitchen, but everyone finds their way there eventually, I think. You can bring your afters back with you, or some fruit, and there's always fruit and biscuits here in the commons." She makes a mental note to make sure Buzz knows his way to the kitchen by the end of the year if he's not found it already. "Oh, and if you want to take a picnic hamper out when the weather is nice, you can usually find a house elf in the Great Hall, and they'll make you a nice bit of a meal to take." Her eyes slip away again, roaming expectantly as Dillion eats another biscuit and looms quietly next to her.

"Thank Annie." Buzz smiles widely in gratitude, then slouches once more in his position on the floor near Cameron. He only rests that way for a moment, however before his hand shoots back up into the air. "I thought of two more."

Annie grins broadly as the boy remembers something else, her attention drawn back as she nods to him. "Go ahead, Buzz."

"Um...okay. Thanks." He offers the briefest of smiles before his face becomes somber once more. ", I know that first years can't be on the quidditch team, but can we do other things? Like um, do they need a water boy? Or um...someone to dress lake a raven or something?" Before the question can be answered, he ticks down a finger and lifts a second one. "Okay, so that was my first one," he announces obviously, "and my second one is that the boy um...the boy who gave me the idea about the mascot thing. He's a mascot for Hufflepuff. And he said his foot got blown off by a death eater. So my second question is um...does that kinda thing happen a lot?"

Annie manages to keep an even smile on her face although a quick glance slips to Dillion before she looks back to Buzz. "We don't have a mascot, no, but I don't see why we couldn't have. We also don't have a pep squad like Hufflepuff has, but maybe some of us would be interested in making that happen this year," she offers out, looking around meaningfully at some of the most enthusiastic quid supporters. "I think, if anyone is interested in that, talking to Dillion sometime after the meeting would be a good idea." No, there is no glance to Dillion this time, just that pleasant smile that sobers again as she moves on immediately to address Buzz's second concern. "Well, it's no secret that there are some bad people out there in the world, and that some people have gotten hurt. But, here at Hogwarts, we're safe as houses. And, I'm very happy to say, that I don't know of a single thing happening to any of our schoolmates over this past summer." She keeps up with the Daily Prophet avidly, being very keen to keep in the know about all this business with He Who Shall Not Be Named.

Buzz glances to Dillion, then nods concisely, locking his post-meeting target in his mind's eye. Seeming satisfied for the moment with Annie and her words of assurance, he stretches out on the floor by the squid book and props himself idly on an elbow.

Annie breathes a soft sigh of relief, silently thanking her internship for helping her be better equipped for moments like that. Again, blue eyes roam, touching on other faces in the room. "Anyone else?" Her eyes linger for a moment on Tyler; perhaps she noticed him almost speaking up before.

Tyler licks his lips nervously, eyes flickering from Annie to Dillion and back again. Once more he seems on the verge of asking something, but shrugs slightly and says nothing. He shifts his feet uncomfortably when Annie's eyes linger on him.

Noting Tyler's discomfort, Annie only holds her gaze on him for a few moments, before letting it drift away again. "Alright then," she announces cheerily. "Guess it's back to whatever you were doing. If anyone has anything to follow up that they think of later, grab any one of us." As conversations resume almost where they left off before the meeting began, Annie turns to Dillion and the pair exchange a few soft words between themselves. Whatever is said draws a laugh from her and she elbows the taller boy's ribs lightly before she turns to look over their housemates again, before she'll take her leave to grab an apple and head to her room. She pointedly leaves the door ajar, the accepted signal in the house that a prefect is 'open for business'.
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