Caprice (capn_cartejena) wrote in ravielove,

About Caprice

Caprice Valentina Cartejena is a third year, and the younger sister of Nikolay Cartejena, who's in Gryffindor. Half-Spanish, half-Italian, she speaks both languages as well as she does English, and is something of a tomboy even if she does mostly dress girly. Her current fascination right now is The Shadow, as in the pulp books from the '30s, and she's rarely seen without a book and a hat (her favorite being a white Monte Carlo hat with a black band). Her favorite subjects include Potions, Astronomy, History of Magic, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Arithmancy, and Ancient Runes. She's also a teenage superspy (at least in her own mind), and can pick simple locks with a hairpin; sleight of hand Muggle 'magic' is also something she has some skill with.
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