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[Ravenclaw] Daniel: ... sure you can
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: And yes, I'm delayed. >_>
[Ravenclaw] Aluksander: You can do it!
[Ravenclaw] Starla laughs!
[Ravenclaw] Milo: Eh?
[Ravenclaw] Dillion just cracks his knuckles and smiiiiiles.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: BRING IT ON, DILLION
[Ravenclaw] Starla ohhhs and begins selling tickets.
[Ravenclaw] Milo: Dan vs. Dill? Hmmmmm....
[Ravenclaw] Milo: Tough choice.
[Ravenclaw] Dillion tackles Dan. Roar.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel twink-dodges and stupefies Dillion.
[Ravenclaw] Starla: I love you, Dill, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to side with Dan. What with him being my favorite ex-prefect and all.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel giggles.
[Ravenclaw] Milo sides with Dill just to be deviant.
[Ravenclaw] Dillion whips out his wand and protegos! And sends in the Animated Carving Army!
[Ravenclaw] Daniel twink-dodges some more. >_>
[Ravenclaw] Daniel apparates the heck outta here, even!
[Ravenclaw] Dillion kicks Daniel's computer. He disconnects. Dill wins by default.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: I think not. XD
[Ravenclaw] Dillion snerks.
[Ravenclaw] Aluksander: THen you'd better think again, Dan!
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: You know Dan, we could probably make some money staging this fight. Demand a hefty cut each....
[Ravenclaw] Daniel sneaks up behind Dillion and throws a potato sack over him. Then puts him in a box. And put that box inside another box...
[Ravenclaw] Milo: Mysteries doesn't pay enough, eh?
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: And then mail that box to myself and I'll SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER! AHAHAHAHAHA
[Ravenclaw] Milo: Dan's selling children on the black market now. Shame!
[Ravenclaw] Starla dies.
[Ravenclaw] Dillion watches the package get returned because Dill's knives keep it from going through customs.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: .... or, to save on postage I'll just poison him. >_>
[Ravenclaw] Dillion calls up Isaac, tells him Dan is attacking him and would he mind helping out. :)
[Ravenclaw] Daniel lols.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel feels betrayed. ;_;
[Ravenclaw] Starla awwwws. :( *pets*
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: You snuck up behind me with a potato sack! I can call in your old nemesis!
[Ravenclaw] Starla: What if it was a potato sack of love?
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: Yes, what if it was?!
[Ravenclaw] Starla: He was showing you his affection!
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: Given poison was involved, I'm guessing not. :)
[Ravenclaw] Daniel watches Dillion run and hide from the potato sack of love.
[Ravenclaw] Starla: You don't know! XD
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: It was good poison. ;_;
[Ravenclaw] Dillion is just too big for it. Curse this height.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: (Stfu, Dill)
[Ravenclaw] Milo: Were the potatoes potatoes of love, or the sack? The sack is love, right?
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: What, just because Dill is almost 6 foot ICly. :P
[Ravenclaw] Starla: It's the sack of love, I think. It's just coincidence that it previously held potatos.
[Ravenclaw] Starla: Dan could always cut off Dill's legs. Then he wouldn't be so tall.
[Ravenclaw] Milo: Love sack, bayyyyybeeeee!
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: ... that is a good idea Starla *SNORTS*
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: ... That would so not be love. Limb removal not equal love!
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: Omg! THAT IS GOOD MILO!
[Ravenclaw] Starla: Sure it is, Dill! It just means that Dan wants to keep a little piece of you close to him always.
[Ravenclaw] Milo grins.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: But it is done in love. So you can admire me from below.
[Ravenclaw] Starla: A little warm, squishy part of Dill. <3
[Ravenclaw] Milo: ...
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: ...
[Ravenclaw] Starla grins.
[Ravenclaw] Milo: ...what do they teach kids in school these days? Darn hippies.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel pulls head out of the gutter.
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: ... Dan, Dill loves ya like a brother, but he will not admire from below.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel lols
[Ravenclaw] Dillion needs to send Dan a birthday present ICly, too. :P
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: His birthday is soon! :D
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: In 12 IC days
[Ravenclaw] Milo: Another year older, eh?
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: 19!

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