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Issa is insane!

[Ravenclaw] Starla: Yes. Well. That's because I fail at life. XD
[Ravenclaw] Issa snogs Starla wildly! "LIES!"
[Ravenclaw] Starling snogs Starla, too.
[Ravenclaw] Issa slaps Starling. "Mine!"
[Ravenclaw] Starling pouts.
[Ravenclaw] Issa snarls.
[Ravenclaw] Starling whimpers, hides...
[Ravenclaw] Issa conks Starla over the head with her club and drags her by the hair back to her cave of choice.
[Ravenclaw] Starla snogs Issa before consoling Starling. Ohhh, don't be sad ling-love. <3 You'll be my startwin always.
[Ravenclaw] Starling mrrs and curls up in Starla's lap, "Unless one of us changes our name."
[Ravenclaw] Issa: How can you sit in her lap if I've dragged her to my cave?
[Ravenclaw] Starling slaps Issa, "MAGIC."
[Ravenclaw] Issa conks Starling over the head with her club!
[Ravenclaw] Starling is made of titanium.
[Ravenclaw] Starling happens to be a robot!
[Ravenclaw] Issa: Good thing my club is made of adamantium!
[Ravenclaw] Starling: ... Damn!
[Ravenclaw] Starling uses her star-twin as a shield, "Even adamantium will melt in the middle of two stars!"
[Ravenclaw] Issa: .. Adamantium and God's love!
[Ravenclaw] Issa locks Starla up in her cave and goes to kill a sabre-tooth tiger, which she drags back home and slings in front of Starla's fire. "Me bring food. Me much man!"
[Ravenclaw] Starling: No you're not.
[Ravenclaw] Starla finishes posing and laughs! All this for -me-? *bats her eyelashes*
[Ravenclaw] Cammie watches all this in amusement. "Oh how I have missed the Rp world
[Ravenclaw] Starling pokes Issa's girl-boob.
[Ravenclaw] Issa: You likey? Me skin cavewoman many caves over and keep them for victory prize.
[Ravenclaw] Starla snags and posts in Ravielvoe.
[Ravenclaw] Starla: Ravielove, too. XD
[Ravenclaw] Issa struts, club over her shoulder. "Me big cave cheese!"
Julian pages: Eww. T_T That was rough work.
[Ravenclaw] Starling jumps on Issa's back and gnaws.
[Ravenclaw] Issa spins around in circles, swinging her club wildly! "You daughter of ape, you let go! I clobber you good!"
[Ravenclaw] Starling de-noises for RP.
[Ravenclaw] Starling quiets herself.
[Ravenclaw] Issa wins again!
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