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Paragraphy introduction

Let's see... Now that I'm going into third year, I'm starting to pay more attention to things other than school work. Like friends, and boys, and quidditch; probably in that order. I've decided I'm going to go out for the house team this year, we'll see if I completely embarass myself. Mostly I've only told a few people though... Not that they won't all hear about it if I flub up when I go out. I've told Mum and Da that I'm going to, he's really excited because he was on his house team before he left Hogwarts after his OWLs. Mum likes to do some things like muggles around the house, just so I'll 'understand' where other people are coming from. I think she's still kind of a peacenik behind all that math. I think my favorite subject is Astronomy, but I know we haven't gotten to any of the hard stuff yet. I'm starting Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Runes this year, and I can't wait since Thalia's going to be in both. I've already read my Runes books and gotten a couple more. Oh, and Lyric's my cousin. Theoretically. I think she might really be an alien.
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