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Ours is a Cunning Plan

[Ravenclaw] Daniel: Raw
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: r
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: YOU.
[Ravenclaw] Starla pounces Daniel.
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: GET UNLOST
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: o_o
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: Hi.
[Ravenclaw] Starla agrees with dill. <3
[Ravenclaw] Dillion demands this. Now. In all his Teenage Angst.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel lols.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: I will work on that.
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: Good.
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: Don't make me come to Italy over Christmas Holidays.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: Bad idea!!
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: But...pizza!
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: But... no!
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: Come for the pizza, stay for the Kicking the Snot out of Dan's Captors.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: Naaah, it's all good, Dan can do that himself.
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: Admit it. If all the Ravvies decided to come get you, we would be UNSTOPPABLE. ;)
[Ravenclaw] Starla grins.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: Well, until they were denied entrance by the border.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: BUT COME RAVIES! COME
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: You think we'd, you know, tell them why we were there?
[Ravenclaw] Starla doesn't get why only -this- window pooped out on her. *grumbles*
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: No, I can just see this army of Ravenclaws invading Italy
[Ravenclaw] Starla giggles. They'd never stand a chance.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: It would be awesome.
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: We will rename it...Danland.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: YES
[Ravenclaw] Starla snrks. XD
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: First Italy, then THE WORLD
[Ravenclaw] Dillion quietly opens up LJ.
[Ravenclaw] Daniel: Soon everywhere will be Danland, and I will conquer them all with my army of Ravenclaws. MUWAHAHAHHA
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