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Sometimes it's good to be a book nerd...

And know where some of the more (apparently) obscure meanings of things come from...

Minor PG-13 behind the cut. ;)

Patrick acquires a look of injured innocence. "I did no such thing. It's not my fault everyone else just /happened/ to walk where I threw my snowballs. I was throwing them at, erm..." pause. "Doxies." though why doxies would be anywhere near here is not explained. And YOIK! Snowball of DOOM! Patrick runs away from Julian as it hurtles towards the hapless Hufflepuff.

"I don't much care about snowballs. Snowballs are fine. It's reducto's that are ... eep?" Julian's voice is strong! Leader like! Right up until he spots the incoming snowball of Doom, and then he squeaks like a mouse. Desperately dodging to get out of the way, the boy dives to the side and inadvertanly tackles Patrick on his way down. "Ooef." Blink blink. Jules pushes himself up, locking his arms as he peers down at the younger kid, boulder sailing harmlessly overhead. "Er. Sorry about that. Uh. Thanks for breaking my fall?" He offer a hopefull grin. Hopeful that Patrick won't flip and face wash him into oblivion in revenge. Distance will probably help, so he rolls off and starts scrambling away as fast as possible.

Grania gasps, head popping up over the back of the bench, "Doxies?!?" Oh dear. As one of the original peltees she's apparently affronted. "Doxies!" Patrick gets a glare, and then another bludger snowball goes in his direction and but fast.

OOC: Patrick says, "Anyone mind if I raise the current rating briefly?"
OOC: Grania grins and doesn't care.
OOC: Julian says, "Oh man. This is gonna hurt. XD"

No, but Julian will find a few snowballs shoved down his pants in retaliation. See? Retaliation, not revenge! There's a difference! Hope you don't mind a little COUGHCOUGHshrinkageCOUGHCOUGH. Yeah, reasserting the PG rating, ahem. Patrick just smiiiiles. But shoves Julian off all the same. Patrick'd rather be tackled by something a little more feminine than Jules, thankyewverymuch.

Heath peeks out from his hiding place close to the front door, looking around. "Julian? What are you doing on him?" He calls before looking around again. "Did someone say Doxies?"

Erasma pokes her head out from behind the statue. "There are noDoxies... and great work Jules... you got in the way.... but COME on! Wresle him... tag me in if you need to!" she calls out.

This is not Julian's day. Not only does he have snowballs down his trousers, but he's still acting as inadvertant sheild for Patrick, who now has offended ladies throwing snowballs at him. "Hey! Ow! Wha? EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" The boy's eyes nearly cross as the cold hits him. Sorry Ras, no wrestling Pat. Right now he's wrestling with his own trousers as he tries desperately to shake the snow down his leg. "DEATH!" Julian howls at Patrick. This was /so/ much worse!

OOC: Patrick says, "BWAHAHAHAHA!"
OOC: Grania grins, "Doxies are also, ah... loose women."
OOC: Patrick says, "Oh really? O>o"
OOC: Grania says, "Yes. ;P"
OOC: Patrick says, "Er, O.o"
OOC: Erasma says, "Did... not know that.."
OOC: Erasma says, "Um bad JK Rowling."
OOC: Patrick says, "Patrick meant doxies the creatures. XD"
OOC: Grania grins, "Yup."
OOC: Patrick learns something new every day. XD;
OOC: Erasma says, "Btw.. .don't laugh Patrick... :P You are about to get bull rushed :P"
OOC: Julian dies. Oh god, do I need to take a point from pat for using foul language now? XD
OOC: Patrick smirks. /He/ certainly doesn't know any other meaning for 'doxy'. ;)
OOC: Grania hees!!!
OOC: Julian says, "I'm not even sure Julian would. XD"
OOC: Heath says, "Yes. BAD JK! :D"

Patrick has never heard a guy shriek in such a high pitched manner. Uh-huh. Bursting out laughing, he jumps out of range of /Julian's/ retaliation. But why's Grania glaring at him now? Patrick blinks at her.
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