rachelwoolsey (rachelwoolsey) wrote in ravielove,

A paragraph about Rach

Rachel Ada Woolsey! Reserve chaser her fourth year, starter her fifth, halfway through fifth became a Prefect. I'm from a pureblood family, with an older brother (Todd, hot, Rav alum, cursebreaker) and a younger annoying as all get out second year for a brother. Harrumph. Mum's a barrister with the Wizengamot, dad's a writer and editor with the DP. We come from a very old, very well established line, and I was raised around some of the other elite wizarding families....nooooot like you could tell that from how I dress, speak, and act like a hellion. I mean tomboy, act like a tomboy. I speak my mind, and bluntly. I was pretty shy my first couple of years here, hanging with a few close friends, knitting, playing violin, and running wild outside. Then a few things happened to convince me life's too short to be like that, and now I seem to have no editing function whatsoever. I've been kidnapped, I've been tortured, I've been disjointed by an angry dryad, I've been run through with a sword, I've seen Daniel half na--- Nevermind. I'm dating Payton Murdoch in Gryffindor, and Potions is my not-so-secret schoolwork boyfriend. I'm best friends with Sylv, and Dre and Gordo consider me their sis.
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