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[Ravenclaw] Menardi: Okayy, you guys are starting to disturb me. XD
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: That's normal
[Ravenclaw] Menardi idles while her mind is still sane! <3 <3 I LOVE YOU ALL. :D :D
[Ravenclaw] Starla: It just means we're doing our job.
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: This is =RAV. :)
[Ravenclaw] Thalia loves being a Ravvie.
[Ravenclaw] Annie comes back, reads Menardi's last. Snorts. "Yeah, right."
[Ravenclaw] Menardi: Pshaw yeah. We will SO pwn this next IC year (sorry last comment before I idle!)
[Ravenclaw] Dillion nodders.
[Ravenclaw] Annie: Menards, can i use your time machine next? the one that takes you back to still sane....
[Ravenclaw] Si: I say leave the sanity to Gryffindor. We have our own fun.
[Ravenclaw] Starla blinks. Gryffs are sane?
[Ravenclaw] Si head-tilts, "You make a good point.
[Ravenclaw] Starla: Really, the most level headed people come out of Slytherin.
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: I think Slytherins are the sane ones. We KNOW Hufflepuff isn't.
[Ravenclaw] Starla giggles.
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: Starla? Out of my head. ;)
[Ravenclaw] Starla: But it's warm and cushy!
[Ravenclaw] Dillion: That's the big ravvie brain inside
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